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Curbside and Computer Appointments

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check out materials?

  • We will be using the same curbside lobby pickup system we have been using since June.

  • You can place holds on our website here: or you can give us a call at 269-673-4625 to place books on hold.

  • A library employee will call you to ask you when you wish to pick up your materials, and will tell you which table in the front lobby your materials will be placed on.

  • All materials are placed in a paper bag for privacy, with a hold slip stapled to the bag. The hold slip will have the first four letters of your last name, and last four numbers of your library card.

How do I make an appointment to use a computer?

  • Call the library at 269-673-4625

  • Appointments are available at the top of every hour Monday-Thursday from 10 AM – 5PM for 45 minutes each, and Friday from 10 AM – 4PM for 45 minutes each, and 5 PM for 15 minutes.

  • When your appointment is made, you will be given a computer name, please remember this as you will be asked the name of your computer when you arrive.

How do I attend my appointment?

  • Only the Hubbard Street lobby is open at this time. When you arrive, please knock on the inner lobby doors.

  • A library employee will greet you from inside the building, ask for your appointment time, name, and computer name.

  • You will then be escorted into the building and directed to your computer.

Can I fax, scan, and make copies?

  • Yes, you can make an appointment for these services in the same way you make an appointment for a computer.

What precautions are required?

  • If you are COVID-positive or experiencing symptoms, please do not enter the library.

  • Face coverings that cover your nose and mouth are required to enter the library.

  • Door handles, computer keyboards, and computer mice are cleaned between each appointment.

What is not available?

  • No browsing is available at this time. We ask that you limit your visit to computer, fax, or printer/copier use.

  • Headphones and flash drives are not available at this time. Please bring your own.

How will this be different from how the library has operated since July?

  • Visits to the library will feel more like a visit to the grocery store—with a clear purpose and for a short duration.

  • Computer assistance will be limited, as we require both staff and patrons to follow social distancing. Please keep 6 feet apart from anyone not in your immediate family group.

  • We ask that you limit the number of people you bring with you to your appointment. Other areas of the library are not open, so any guests must stay with you at your computer station; for example, sitting areas and the children’s area are closed.

If I have an appointment can I use the restrooms?

  • Yes.

If I have an appointment can I return my materials inside the building?

  • Yes. Otherwise all materials must be returned to the book return in the parking lot behind the library.

Can I make a same day appointment? What about a walk-up appointment?

  • We ask that patrons wishing to make an appointment make them by telephone. Appointments can be made for any day in a given week. Walk-up appointments are subject to availability and time limits.

  • For example, if you arrive to the library at 10:30 AM and a computer is available, you may be allowed an appointment but you would be limited to 15 minutes as the appointment would end at 10:45 AM. Otherwise, you could wait until 11:00 AM to get the full 45 minutes, if a computer was available.

  • Calling ahead is the best way to make an appointment.

How long do appointments last?

  • All appointments last 45 minutes, this allows staff to clean and disinfect between appointments.

  • The exception is the Friday 5:00 PM appointment, which is 15 minutes.

Can I make an appointment to use my laptop at the library?

  • At this time, computer appointments are only available for our own computer stations, the fax machine, and the printer/copy machine.

  • The library is not offering space for the use of personal devices at this time.

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