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Books on Big Feelings: Grief

Picture Books
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A Stone for Sacha by Aaron Becker
A young girl, still reeling from her dog's death, finds solace while picking up stones on the beach during her family's vacation.

Ida, Always by Caron Levis
A polar bear grieves over the loss of his companion, based on the real-life Gus and Ida of New York's Central Park Zoo.

The Memory String by Eve Bunting
While still grieving for her mother and unable to accept her stepmother, a girl clings to the memories represented by forty-three buttons on a string.

The Rough Patch by Brian Lies
Farmer Evan and his dog do everything together, especially in the garden. When his dog passes away Evan lets his garden fill weeds until a pumpkin vine brings new hope.

Boats for Papa by Jessixa Bagley
Buckley and his mother cope with the loss of their father/husband by sending small wooden boats, built by Buckley, off into the ocean.

The Day We Lost Pet by Chuck Young
Through a heart-warming story about balloons who fill one another with air and love, comes a fable of how we deal with the loss of a loved one or a beloved pet.

The Pond by Nicola Davies
A young boy and his family are trying to overcome the loss of his father. The natural world becomes part of the healing process.

Missing Mommy by Rebecca Cobb
Daddy comforts and reassures a very young boy after Mommy dies.

Upper Elementary

The Line
Tender by Kate Allen
Following a tragedy that further alters the course of her life, twelve-year-old Lucy Everhart decides to continue the shark research her marine biologist mother left unfinished when she died years earlier.

Rising Above Shepherdsville by Ann Schoenbohm
In 1977, after her mother's suicide, twelve-year-old Dulcie Louise Dixon is sent to live with her aunt and must rise out of her grief and find her voice again with the help of some surprising new friends.

The Thing About Jellyfish by Ali Benjamin
Twelve-year-old Suzy Swanson wades through her intense grief over the loss of her best friend by investigating the rare jellyfish she is convinced was responsible for her friend's death.

The Truth as Told by Mason Buttle by Leslie Connor
As he grieves his best friend Benny's death, Mason and his friend Calvin, who are targeted by the neighborhood bullies, create an underground haven for themselves, but when Calvin goes missing Mason finds himself in trouble.

The Afterwards by A.F. Harrold
When her best friend Ness dies suddenly, Ember finds a way into the Afterworld, determined to bring Ness back.

 by Karen Harrington
Twelve-year-old Wayne Kovok loses his uncle to war and his voice to a plane crash in the same year and must learn to speak up as he navigates relationships with his father, grandfather, and new friend, Denny Rosenblatt

Lenny's Book of Everything by Karen Foxlee

Lenny Spink is the sister of a giant. Her little brother, Davey, suffers from a rare form of gigantism and is taunted by other kids and turned away from school because of his size. To escape their cruel reality, Lenny and Davey obsess over the entries in their monthly installment of Burrell's Build-It-at-Home Encyclopedia set. Lenny vows to become a beetle expert, while Davey decides he will run away to Canada and build a log cabin. But as Davey's disease progresses, the siblings' richly imagined world becomes harder to cling to in this deeply moving and original novel about grief, family, and wonder.

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