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Strategic Plan

Planning Process
The Allegan District Library (ADL) is a pillar of the community. Patrons love ADL's commitment to innovation, literacy, and customer service. To meet the emerging needs of its patrons, ADL has undergone a strategic planning process to align its resources with the priorities of the community. By implementing a new strategic plan, ADL will be able to focus efforts on delivering programs, services, and collections with meaningful community impact and providing a welcoming space for the community. 

The Allegan District Library initiated a strategic planning process in the Fall of 2021. Amanda E. Standerfer from Fast Forward Libraries LLC was engaged in September 2021 to facilitate the planning process in three phases: Learn, Dream, Do. The Learn phase entailed a community survey, staff and Trustees feedback sessions, and community focus groups and interviews. In the Dream phase, staff and Trustees discussed possible future pathways for the library. This strategic plan will guide ADL through the Do phase, as the library executes its vision for the future. 

Strategic Plan Directions
Library Awareness
•District residents are aware of library's value to the community
•The library is a valued community partner. Maintain current community partnerships while establishing new meaningful partnerships. 
•The library building is a welcoming and inclusive space for community connections. 

Learn & Discover
•Library Programs spark exploration and enrich the lives of community members. 
•Community members have barrier-free access to the collections for a lifetime of reading, learning, and recreation. 
•Community members confidently navigate up-to-date technology.

Organizational Excellence
•Staff members feel supported and are given the tools and training needed to be empowered and engaged in their work. 
•Trustees develop their knowledge and skills to responsibly steward, advocate for, and govern the library. 
•The library has the systems to plan for and fund their library's building and operations. 

You can find the complete Strategic Plan here.

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